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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Sorry to deluge you with information two days in a row but I couldn’t help respond to the study reported today about the potential heart dangers of as little as one can of diet soda a day.  The bottom line – it seems there is an association between drinking as little as a can of diet or regular soda and an increased risk of what I call the APPLE-SHAPE syndrome (more formally referred to as metabolic syndrome).    

Coaching for Doctor Office Visits Helps Patients Ask Right Questions

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Dear Friends,  

A new analysis of patients and their visits with doctors finds that being coached and prepared for your doctor visit helps you get the best care possible.  In fact, research dating back to the 1970’s has shown that the more informed and involved a patient is - the BETTER your overall care and results!!  Yet all too often I hear sad stories from people who failed to get the time and attention they needed during a doctor’s visit because they were not prepared.  I have been teaching patients how to do this for many years.  It has helped my family, friends and patients - and can help you as well.